Monday, April 7, 2008

Pets are Welcome

Home away from home for pooch

As a dog owner who has traveled across the United States more than once, I've got my eyes peeled for hotels that allow pets. Although not reviewed, W-Hotel downtown Seattle scores high at first sight. Their $25 per night and $100 one-time cleaning fee may be among the steepest you'll find around town, it also buys you and your canine companion lots of services: toys, treats, bedding, dog-sitting, dog-walking and more. Located at walking distance from the Freeway Park your Pooch will be able to pick up his or her messages at any of the many trees, after or even before you've checked yours (the park is a WiFi Hot Spot).

If you plan on attending a tour of the Seattle Central Public Library, designed by OMA, it's nice to know the W-Hotel is less than a block away from the building's site.

Previously published by hotelsbycity 1/15/2007

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