Monday, April 7, 2008

Kosher Restaurants in Seattle

Kashrut Dining

Bamboo Garden Vegetarian Cuisine, certified kosher by Va'ad Harabanim of Greater Seattle is conveniently close to Seattle Center is a great place to dine before or after the Opera, the Ballet, the Theatre, or a Game.

If you really crave kosher Indian cuisine, you don't mind going the extra mile. In this case drive to Renton. From downtown you can take the scenic route, following Lake Washington Boulevard to Seward Park, then Seward Park Avenue to Rainier Boulevard, all the time skirting the lake. When you see no more water, and Renton Airport (with all those cute little airplanes) appears on your left, you're almost there. Pabla Cuisine is located in the mini mall, on the western side of Rainier Ave., straight across from Fred Meyer Shopping Centre. Mr. Harnek Pabla has run his family owned business in this spot since 1998. Pabla is certified kosher by Va'ad Harabanim of Greater Seattle

If now is not the time for a drive "south", you can always wait until the Sonics have moved to Renton…

On the other hand, you don't have to drive to Renton for some exquisite kosher catering, Nosh Away will be happy to come to you, that is, if you have a grand affaire, a business gathering, banquet, or any other event that calls for kosher catering. Nosh Away is Glatt Kosher as well as certified kosher by Va'ad Harabanim of Greater Seattle.

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